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Nina Poth

Junior Human Resources Business Partner with Fenix Outdoor Logistics – Human Resources

Nina’s Trek with Fenix Outdoor Logistics


Hometown: Solingen, Germany

Currently Based In: Hamburg and Ludwigslust, Germany 

Languages I speak: German, English and Dutch 

First Memory in Nature: My parents live in a forest-y area. I always enjoyed the calm and diversity a forest has to offer. But the first time at the sea even topped that feeling. I just love the never-ending view and roughness. I am happier at the sea side.  

Why I joined Fenix Outdoor: I wanted to work for a sustainable company that was aware of their impact on the environment. Fenix had exactly that- we can be responsible consumers but we need retail companies that give us chances to do so. 

Favorite Part of my Job: I really love when I can be creative and invest time in projects that forward the experience for everyone.   

Favorite Outdoor Activity: I would say hiking and kite surfing are at the top of the list. 



Current Mountain I'm Climbing: I am thriving for more efficient and centralized processes. Sometimes that is hart because before the better version there is always a phase of change and more work, which people tend to dislike. Still defending the process can be draining but also rewarding if it works in the end. 

What I am most proud of in my work: Seeing the business moving towards a place that is inclusive and safe, both mentally and physically, for all their employees. Seeing people enjoying their work is the most rewarding thing!

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